How to Get Started as a Digital Nomad

Everyone has the possibility to become a digital nomad. But not everyone has this ability right off the bat. It is not feasible to expect that you can go instantly from your cubicle job to a life of running a location independent business abroad (although it can be exciting to try this out for a short period). In general, you will need to get some things in place first; what that depends on your station in life and career. For instance, when you already have an up and running coaching practice or a web store the jump to become a digital nomad is easier than when you work at the local supermarket. But I am convinced that the lifestyle is possible for everyone who really wants to.

Some things to take into consideration are:

Do not aim too high

Go for a modest lifestyle sustaining income first. This means you can get in the digital nomad mode without too much planning and hassle. It makes sure you make the step without thinking it over too many times which can cause you to chicken out of the idea. When you think about it you do not need that much money on an international level to sustain yourself (i.e. $2000 a month can already be very good income for low-income countries).

When you have a certain skill, leverage it online as the freelancer. In case you do not have a specific skill you can always do online grunt work, as text writing, or being a virtual assistant. Now, that will not be fun but ensures that you get a modest income while you are working on your long term projects. Of course, when you have a good office job, it would be silly to throw it away just like that. Working in a regular job while building your location independent business at the same time can also be a decent avenue. Just make sure you make the move at some point in time though.

The only thing I would really recommend against is that you save a lot of money in order to be a digital nomad. This is fine when you are a tourist, but when you really want the lifestyle it gives the wrong mindset. You living on savings abroad is a “losing money” mindset, which gives you some sort of deadline at which you have to return home. IMO that is not what makes a location independent lifestyle successful. Success is based on a “making money” mindset so you will be able to live abroad indefinitely (in a technical sense).

Do not aim too low

Have a grand long-term goal towards which you are working. Making the first step is very important and you can do it with modest means. But when you only stick to this you will run into yourself and your dreams down the road in a few years’ time. It is better to also have some grand projects going on that can make money in the long run. For instance, you make money as a freelancer, which is great, but it is basically learning on a day by day basis. For a longer term view it makes sense to build some websites which can add value (i.e. a blog) or that you build a framework to employ other freelancers who work for you in some way, so you can grow your business.

This point can be summarized as: start small but think big. From time to time take a step back and think about how you can improve your skills/business/profit in the long run in a smart way – so not only by doing more work. This makes you a digital nomad to stay, and not only one that lives day by day.

Write down the steps towards your goal and quantify them

Note all the things you have to do in order for you to reach your goals. Make these steps small and attainable. Personally, I am a fan of to-do lists. It gives you a straightforward basis on what to work on for the day and as part of your bigger projects and goals.

Completing every step gives you also some sort of fulfillment and will give you the motivation to keep working on your projects. When you have to do a big step at once or have only one goal quantified can look like that the goal is not achievable or too big to tackle. Making the steps small make to your work on it little by little. And then, suddenly you big goal is achieved. That is a very gratifying feeling.

Do the work

Being a digital nomad and living location independent is not same as having a holiday (or at least not all the time). You will have to put in the necessary amount of work to make it happen. And perhaps when you start out you will have to do more work than ever. So it can happen that you find yourself on a beautiful beach or in a scenic mountainous area, just to find yourself working on your laptop on a new project, sweating away.

But when you really want it, it does not really matter. Because you know that what you want, becoming location independent, is worth it.

Have the right mindset

Of course, before all this, you need the correct mindset first. Do you really want it? Everyone has the possibility but that does not mean everyone should, can or wants to do it. You need to have a certain mindset that you want to be free, and not to be bound by normal conventions too much. Do not be swayed by social peer pressure.

And by the way, do not get too hung up on the principle of being a strict “digital nomad” or what it is supposed to be. That is not what it is. It is more about how to get the best out of yourself while using this skill to make money in a location independent way. So, think about your passions and core skills first, then think about how to make money from it online.

Adult education online: reasons to study

From now on, people could exchange information in the blink of an eye. We can do lots of things online today, for example, instant communication or video chatting. The later was especially handy in terms of studying. How to sign a successful contract? How to get a dream job without coming out? What do you need to know to become a music critic? You will learn everything if you study online! Nowadays to become one who studies at the prestigious world university, is no need to worry about visa and recommendations from teachers. It is enough to have the internet connection and a willingness to learn!

There are thousands of courses in numerous disciplines nowadays. It is especially convenient to study foreign languages, economics, biology, history, social science, psychology online. For a small fee or even for free, you can get a certificate which will confirm your listener status. In addition, some functions and possibilities of the Internet make it possible for the implementation of active learning environment that encourages students to solve their problems and make decisions independently, becoming communicators.

Online education is too widespread nowadays, so if you still hesitate between starting a new course or do not waste time for it, the information below would be useful for you.

There are some proper reasons to study online. Therefore, when you are doing it, you might be:

  1.    A time lord. The course tasks are available at any moment. So students are able to decide in which way to take this course by themselves;
  2.    Not glued to your desk, because the courses are available from any part of the world (with access to the Internet). Please, sit down in your cozy armchair and get your knowledge;
  3.    A master of your knowledge and skills, according to a flexible organization of educational process. Any educational subject has got more simple and more complex sections. Online training allows the teacher to concentrate on the more difficult sections of the course, stating simple pieces for self-study;
  4.    Good at modern technologies. Online courses enable use in learning all means of multimedia, animation, video, sound, and color. This provides a material visibility for teaching and allows you to use most of the mechanisms of perception;
  5.    A family budget keeper. You want to get some additional skills, but don’t want to lose huge sums of money:
  6.    Keen on self-education:
  7.    A professional dancer even if you are fifty. You are highly motivated and sure that extra knowledge is suited to any age and would be useful for everyone.


According to The New York Times, the 2012th was a year of public and free online education. In 2012 a few influential educational platforms were launched. They outlined a new trend towards democratization and virtualization of education. It caused a lot of discussions about how quickly the traditional education system exhaust itself, faced with a serious competitor.

The online education system has its drawbacks. The percentage of completion programs is quite low. This is partly due to the fact that this process requires some personal discipline. Also, online education is generally not recognized by the official institutions.

If you are ready to waste your time for self-improvement, you are tired of boring lectures, but you are a self-motivated person and you are interested in the creation of a solid background or you have already finished your education unless you want to learn something new, online study is for you.

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