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A Suitable Language For Research Paper

One of the wonderful things about human beings is that we can you know you give love and you get more it’s kind of like the exact reverse of money and credit is like that right so if you give credit to other people and you explain how clever they were and how inspiring their work was to you then that doesn’t make you look bad at all so obviously don’t be sick of Fanta Q no don’t say you know you’re probably my reviewer so I’m going to say really nice things about you but just just you know express your heart right if you if you feel good about a paper because it really was inspiring to you just take a moment to say it was an inspiring paper you know it was it was seminal it really led to a lot for you say that and and that you know that of course makes them feel good but it makes it it brings credit to the whole field. Find out more about language writing¬† styles on¬†Edusson.

I think okay the other thing of course is when you’re talking about related work and comparisons is that computer science is a very multi-dimensional subject right you know up even you’re just thinking about programs they may run faster they may be they may be they may run in less space they may be simpler to understand or more complicated to understand they may be written in you know some suitable language or run in certain environments so it’s very very multi-dimensional it’s very rare to find that your work is sort of better in every dimension than somebody else’s right so what you don’t want to do is to say is to just focus on the areas where you’re better you say well that’ll an X and I’m better and why and what Palio that I’m actually not so good on that right so because what you want to avoid is your viewers saying the authors appear to be unaware that their system is completely hopeless when applied to Zed right.

That’s a bad thing for a reviewer to be able to say it’s quite disarming if you say of course our system really doesn’t work in situations ed well at all you better use some other system for that it’s very difficult to make something that’s brilliant at everything okay so it’s not just honesty and good scholarship it’s actually disarming and and you know it helpful for readers if you explain where your not so good as well as where you’re great because how I sense so it’s actually it’s easy you just gotta tell the way it is I mean yeah when you tear that weaknesses at the end of the related work so in your later work section you’re saying here are these other things and you can do a sort of comparative evaluation I mean either as you go along or maybe at the end you could say weaknesses of our approach or something but somewhere towards the end yeah yes and try to avoid the kind of related work section that says brown and white did X green and blue did this and sort of one sentence about each that more or less is no more than a list of citations but doesn’t give any value judgment you might not even have read the paper.

Task Words for Writing

It’s important to give a detailed description so really does depend on the different task words in your essay question so take some time out to read it really carefully underline different key words in the essay question highlight them circle though make sure that you are giving yourself enough time to fully understand what is being asked of you okay now it’s time to work on your essay plan and there are a few different kinds of structures that you can use to help you with your plan I personally like the five paragraph structure and I’ll break it down for you now so that you get an understanding of how to actually go about using it if you want to write your essays this way too.

To put it really simply your five paragraph structure is made up of exactly that five paragraphs and it begins of your introductory paragraph which outlines the essay topic it outlines exactly the kind of points are going to be addressing in your essay and it gives your reader a heads up into what to expect along the way then you’re going to introduce three different body paragraphs and each paragraph contains a different subtopic or a different key point that it’s going to focus on so the points are dressed in these three body paragraphs are the ones that you would have mentioned earlier in your introduction and they all relate to your essay question and they all together collectively help to support your argument and then your essay is going to end with paragraph number five which is your conclusion paragraph and this is where you’re going to restate your points and show your lecturer teachers or tutors that you’ve effectively argued your case.

Now I am mindful that a lot of the time we kind of want to rush through this paragraph because we just think that we’ve made our point and it’s already been discussed in the essay we’re just going to spend maybe a couple of minutes and write a few sentences but your conclusion is the very last thing that your teachers are going to read so it leaves them with a final impression of your work so I really encourage you guys to take a little bit more time with writing this section of your essay and make sure that each paragraph is given a dedicated amount of your energy and focus because at the end of the day it’s a collective effort all of these paragraphs are necessary in order to actually address the essay question so who here is ready to write an excellent essay.

If you guys are feeling a little overwhelmed with the idea of writing an essay or you feel like you need a little bit more guidance and structure or you’re actually just ready to put all of these tips into practice then check out my essay planner from Education Week it’s this guy over here and it’s actually got the five body paragraph as the template displayed and there’s even a section of the bottom to write down useful resources to make sure that you are researching your topic effectively you can even just tear this off and keep it in your binders take it to class with you if you’re writing your essays in class or even just leave it on your desk at home.

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